What Goes Into the Expense of a Standard Funeral?

By: Shama Rhoden
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There’s a reason why most professionals will recommend planning and at least beginning to pay for your funeral while you’re still alive. The cost of a funeral is not cheap. There are many aspects that go into the expense of a standard funeral and once everything is said and done you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000.

If that number shocks you, we will take a closer look at what the actual expenses are when it comes to a funeral and everything that goes with it.

Funeral Home Services

Once you die, your body is sent to the funeral home. There it is embalmed and kept until the time of your funeral. The cost of embalming and storing your body can range from $500 to $1000.  If you choose to be cremated, you can expect to pay about $600.

Once your body is prepared for the funeral service, the role of the funeral director really becomes important. A funeral director will take care of all the loose ends for your funeral and will make sure everything that needs to happen will happen. Typically funeral directors charge around $1500 for their services.

If you choose to hold your funeral or viewing at the funeral home, other fees to use their space may apply.

Graveside Expenses

When it comes to the actual burial, there is also a set of fees to consider. Assuming you have already purchased the actual burial plot where you would like to rest, there is a fee to dig the grave, a fee for the casket and headstone. There is also an option to purchase an outer shell for the casket called either a grave liner or burial container.

All of these expenses can range in price, from how intricate your casket is, to how big the headstone is. For a standard funeral, burial services can cost at least a couple thousand dollars.

Other Costs

The above expenses cover all the basic necessities for a standard funeral, however there are other costs that can greatly affect the price cost of your funeral. Items like flowers and other post-funeral receptions can add more to your cost. Placing obituaries in the newspaper will also cost extra, and is often not thought of as an expense pertaining to a funeral.

Be Smart About Planning Your Funeral

One of the biggest advantages to planning your funeral while you are alive is that many of these expenses can already be taken care of, so your family is not left on the hook to pay for a funeral. By planning and pre-paying for many of these services you are giving your family piece of mind that in your passing you have taken care of them and they can focus on their grieving and comforting each other.

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